4 Differences Between 2D and 3D Animation

Mostly people get confused with the terms 2d animation and 3d animation. For everyone, it is not easy to mark the difference between 2d and 3d animation but still the differences exist between these terms. Let’s reveal the differences between the two and know each more clearly.

Depth is the main difference

3D animations have depth while 2D animations do not have any depth. You can see camera movement in all angles in 3D animation while camera movement cannot be shown from angles in 2D animations. For example, you cannot see a camera rotating from front of the actor to his back.

2D Animations are older

2D animations are older than 3D. The concept of 2D existed in 18th century also while 3D animations are the result of technology advancement. 3D animations are gaining popularity but 2D is still the choice of most marketers.

3D animations are time consuming

2D animations are plain and simple while 3D animations are more advanced. It takes time for the designers to design a 3d character and animate it because they have to focus on the appearance of characters from all angles. The benefit is that the animators can save the characters and their motion to use for other projects also. 3D videos when mix with creativity makes the videos more appealing for the target audience.

3D animations are expensive

3D animations require more man hours, the use of advanced software, and upgraded computers or laptops with best processing speed and storage. All these factors make the videos expensive.

If you need animated videos for your promotion then go with the best choice that perfectly matches your budget and requirements. It is always better to hire a video maker to make your videos if animation is not your main expertise.


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